Zero to Hero Lesson 4

Overview"what this lesson is about"

Talking notes not numbers

This lesson covers how important it is to learn the notes, how to test yourself and how this will develop you as a musician. In the video I show you a miss a string miss a fret method, which will give you a great fretboard road map and give you the knowledge to find a note on any string quickly and easily.

A quick recap of the method, if you are on the 3rd fret on the E string, you know this is a G from the chromatic order. If you then miss a string, in this case the A and then miss a fret in this case the 4th; you’ll be playing the D string 5th fret. This will also be producing the note of G. So two G’s by missing a string, missing a fret.

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I have included a few examples of this in tab and you have the audio also.

help reading tab



This time I have built a riff around the idea of miss a string miss a fret as we did in the lesson, same as the last few challenges play it 4 times around.