Zero to Hero Bass Overview

The Tutor"who's teaching the course"

Nigel Jones

"So I have been playing guitar since I was 12, which is now over 20 years. I’m a qualified guitar teacher with over 10 years experience, a member of the RGT. I have given lessons in schools and colleges across the UK, I have taught 1000s of guitar players in groups and one to one lessons; I’ve had many students get distinctions in grades. I’m now bringing my knowledge of guitar and experience of teaching to Rock Star Academy. I hope you enjoy my lessons…."

Synopsis"what it's all about"

In the Zero to Hero intermediate bass course you will gain knowledge on core skills, music theory and putting that into real music. It will make you understand the connection between theory and practical; how this will continue to make you a better bass player. You will cover demanding bass lines, chord tones, scales and arpeggios; you’ll learn how to keep these skills under control and in time. This course will develop you as a musician and push you. The course is designed around grade 2-4 but will help fill in any blanks for players that may have holes in their knowledge at any level. I have designed this course to be interactive so loads of drum loops and backing tracks for you to lay bass lines over.

Structure"what you will learn"

Lesson 1 - Intro (A look at what the course is all about)
Lesson 2 - The Chromatic Order (The knowledge that will set you up)
Lesson 3 - The Bass Gym (Warming up and practice routines)
Lesson 4 - Right Hand Techniques (Different ways to play/produce notes)
Lesson 5 - Bang On The Beat (Using root notes to product a bass line)
Lesson 6 - Getting Tricky (Start to incorporate 5th and Octaves)
Lesson 7 - Chord Tones (Fitting an arpeggio in)
Lesson 8 - Putting It Into Practice (5 different patterns incorporating techniques that we have covered so far)
Lesson 9 - Playing in key (A guide to how music keys work)
Lesson 10 - Pentatonic Power (A look at 5 shapes of the Pentatonic scale)
Lesson 11 - Major Scales (A look at different Major shapes)
Lesson 12 - Minor Scales (A look at different Minor shapes)
Lesson 13 - Big Sound (Using the Pentatonic to play)
Lesson 14 - Big Sound the next level (Using the Major and the Minor)
Lesson 15 - 12 Bars Of Fun (Get this classic turn around under you fingers)
Lesson 16 - Ripping it up! (5 different bass lines)

Challenges"what you will play"

To run alongside this Bass course there is a challenge for each lesson. The challenge will reflect the lesson you have done where appropriate. They start easy and get continually harder throughout the course. We hope you enjoy these and they’ll help improve your playing and use all the techniques featured in the Zero to Hero course.