Zero to Hero Bass Lesson 16

Overview"what this lesson is about"

Ripping it up!

In this lesson you have 5 bass lines to have a go at, they all fit under the same chord pattern and should give you an idea of how to change your playing style. Some are easy some are hard, have a go at all five and I hope it shows how a different bass line can work with the same set of chords.

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Bass Line 1


Bass Line 2


Bass Line 3


Bass Line 4


Bass Line 5



Okay this is the last challenge and it’s a monster. You’ll use everything from the Zero to Hero bass course in this one. I hope you enjoy and remember to upload yourself playing to youtube or vimeo!


Bass Slow

Backing Slow


Bass Medium

Backing Medium


Bass Fast

Backing Fast


Bass Super Fast

Backing Super Fast