Lesson Four



In this week’s lesson we will be working towards playing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. First though let’s check out Ziggys Top Tip!


Ziggy's Top Tip...

Plucking the String

Beginner guitarists tend to pull the string too hard and too far away from the body.

When you pluck the string you will get the best sound, more speed and better accuracy if you have a light touch.

The finger should role over the top of the string towards the palm.

It’s easier to play if finger nails are kept short. Longer nails will catch the strings.


Things to think about:

• How much force is being used to pluck the strings

Let’s try this week’s exercise and tune always thinking about Ziggys top tips!

So go for it, Let’s Play Guitar!




Easy Tab



Standard Tab



Incy Wincy Spider


Easy Tab



Standard Tab




What Next?


Keep on practicing this weeks exercise and tune. If you try them each day your hands will grow stronger and it gets easier and easier! You'll then be ready for your next lesson.