Ukulele For Guitarists 8

Overview"what this lesson is about"


Alternative tuning for the Ukulele

In this lesson we experiment with a different tuning making the Ukulele work similar to a bass guitar or the thickest 4 strings of a guitar.

In the video we tune the Ukulele to F# B E A. This is equivalent to a guitar with a capo on the 2nd fret (F# B E A C# F#)

Try this different tuning to give a different flavour to the sound.

As the Ukulele is now tuned similar to the guitar, you can use guitar chord shapes.

This may be confusing if you don’t play guitar but try the 4 chord rotation with the chords tabbed out below.

The chords are F#m D A E. (the guitar chords shapes to make these are E C G D)

Watch The Video


Play the music below, practice it until you can play it from memory.

help reading tab