Lesson Eight



In this week’s lesson we will be playing ‘Yankee Doodle’. First though let’s check out this week’s slightly tricky Ziggys Top Tip!


Ziggy's Top Tip...

Fretting Hand Finger Positioning

You should try using more than one finger to press down the frets. Using one finger might seem easier at first but you will be able to play much quicker if you use them all.

It’s important to keep the fingers close to the frets when they are not being used. If the fingers are left to pull further away from the fret board it will take longer for them to be placed back on to it.


Things to think about:

• More than one finger is being used to fret the strings
• Your fingers are not lifting too far from the strings when they are not being used

So how about this week’s exercise and tune?! And try out this week’s tricky Ziggys top tips!

So go for it, Let’s Play Guitar!




Easy Tab



Standard Tab



Yankee Doodle


Easy Tab



Standard Tab




What Next?


Keep on practicing this weeks exercise and tune. If you try them each day your hands will grow stronger and it gets easier and easier! You'll then be ready for your next lesson.