Lesson Five



In this week’s lesson we will be working towards playing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’. First though let’s see this week’s Ziggys Top Tip!


Ziggy's Top Tip...

Plucking Hand Position

There is no need for tension, allow your plucking hand to be relaxed and loose. This will help form the natural shape of your wrist and cause the least amount of unnecessary strain.


Things to think about:

• The position of your wrist and hand is relaxed

So give this week’s exercise and tune a go not forgetting Ziggys top tips!

So go for it, Let’s Play Guitar!




Easy Tab



Standard Tab



Row Row Row Your Boat


Easy Tab



Standard Tab




What Next?


Keep on practicing this weeks exercise and tune. If you try them each day your hands will grow stronger and it gets easier and easier! You'll then be ready for your next lesson.