Part 1



Music Theory Naming Notes

Now you have an understanding of the chromatic order, test yourself a little. We’ll put the answers at the end, oh and don’t cheat.

On the B string find the note of E
On the D string find the note of F
On the A string find the note of C#
On E string find the note of D#

Ok the last one was a hard one, well we had to test your knowledge a little! Also a common question at this point is which E string there are two?

You have a top E and a bottom E. It’s easy to get these mixed up. Physically the top string on the guitar is the bottom E. We understand this makes no sense but close your eyes, play the thickest string, and then play the thinnest string. You should now hear that the thickest is at the physical top but in pitch it’s much lower making it the bottom E and the thinner higher pitched E the top E.