Vocal Course Lesson 10

Overview"what this lesson is about"

Mental Attitude

The goal for your mental attitude is to have “Mind Like Water” or to sing with a state of pure awareness, without any distractions. When in awareness, you perceive sensations, like touch, emotion, or connection with people, but you do not think, or analyze your performance or the sound of your voice. Interference is the thought pattern where you say things to yourself like: “That was good”, “That was wrong” or “I should do this”. So the theme for this lesson is Awareness vs Interference


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Awareness vs Interference

Practice singing your Song 1 and Song 2 and focus on staying in awareness, not interference. Once you’ve made it through the song, review the experience in your mind, and say out loud any interfering thoughts you had while you were singing. What would happen if you didn’t think while you sang the song?

Sing the songs again and focus on awareness of your shoulders as a means of distracting yourself from the interference. Practice “Mind Like Water”.


Practice Routine

Practice Time : 7 days, 15 – 30 minutes


Warm up with Scale 10 with this sound, focus on having Mind Like Water

• And


Scale 10

Scale 10


Find Instrumental Versions of your Song 1, Song 2, Song 3 and Song 4

Practice Song 1 and Song 2 with these ideas in mind:

• Memorize the lyrics
• Identify and eliminate all interfering thoughts
• Focus on releasing your shoulders

Remember; it’s fine to sing wrong lyrics, notes, or have bad technique —just practice Mind Like Water.