Drum Course Beginner Lesson 13

Overview"what this lesson is about"

The Basic ¼ Note Rock Groove


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Step 1 -
First, you will need to count out loud saying '1 2 3 4'. Try to repeat this a few times. Once you have got the hang of it then try playing this with your right hand on the hi hat cymbals. (left handed drummers should use their left hand)

Here's what it looks like:


Step 2 -
Now, add the snare drum played with the left hand on beats 2 and 4. You should find that your drumsticks cross over (right hand over left)


Step 3 -
Finally you need to add the bass drum played with the right foot on beat 1 and 3. Make sure you keep counting while trying to put this groove together. It's very important. Once you have put everything together it will look like this: