Beginner to Winner Keys 2

Overview"what this lesson is about"


Understanding note length

You will notice from the exercise in lesson 1 that the final note played is written on the music stave slightly differently to the rest of the notes. This is because the final note is a longer length than the notes which precede it and this is something you need to take note of when reading music.


Semibreve (1 Note) 4 Beats

Minim (1/2 Note) 2 Beats

Crotchet (1/4 Note) 1 Beat

Quaver (1/8 Note) 1/2 Beat

Semiquaver (1/16 Note) 1/4 Beat


A dotted note means the duration of the note has been increased by 50% (One and a half times the original duration). This table shows how a dot affects a note duration.


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In this exercise, we will be working to play these different note lengths, it will help to get an understanding of what they look like and how they sound in the course of a song. This piece of music has 4 beats to a bar.

help reading music score


Easy Notes

These are the notes used in the music score above. This diagram is here to make things easier for you but it is best to get used to reading music score. Music score tells you what order to play notes in and the length each note is played for.