Zero to Hero Lesson 3

Overview"what this lesson is about"

Notes under your fingers; in this lesson I’ll show you how to work out notes on the fretboard.

The 12 notes 12th fret trick!
So I go through this in the video lesson but I’ll do a quick re-cap here for you. If you start on the E string, the open note produced is an E; my guess is this isn’t news to you. The note after E in the chromatic order is F, so but playing the first fret on the E string will now produce the note on F. Move a fret higher and you’ll produce an F# another fret and you’ll be sounding G. You can see each time you move a fret higher you are producing the next note in the chromatic order. If you start with an E, move all the way through the chromatic order till you reach E again this should put you on the 12th fret. This will work with all the open strings on the guitar; all the way back to the starting note and you should always end up on the 12th fret.

Watch The Video

Video Tab

I have tabbed the chromatic order on the bottom E so you can see what it looks like in music and this should give you real 360 knowledge of this; also the audio for this is included

help reading tab



See if you can find all the notes of G up to and including the 12th fret on the guitar. Try finding them yourself before you look at the challenge tab below.

The Chromatic Order

A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# (or)
A Bb B C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab