Complete Ukulele 19


Trilling + Tapping + 2 Strings

Watch The Video

More techniques!! This time we look at trilling which is rapid hammer-on pull-off. You hold the string with 1 finger then hammer it with another. Tapping, we can use both hands to hammer-on and pull-off the strings to get a fast note progression. Check out the video for the examples, and then try it out. Also look out for the Body wah wah technique in the video, it can be used with any simple chords and gives a natural tremolo sound.


2 string drone technique. A couple of simple 2 string technique exercises where 1 of the strings are played open and only the notes of the other string are played. We call the open string a drone because it doesn’t change just drones on while the other string plays the melody. Check out the video and try the tabs below.