Drum Course Beginner Lesson 4


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Setting Up The Drum Kit


Step 1 -
First of all place the drum stool onto the drum mat and adjust the height to preference.


Step 2 -
Place the bass drum in a position that's comfortable to play from a seated position. Set up the spurs of the bass drum to prevent the drum from sliding. Once this has been done, attach the kick pedal and secure using screw mechanism often found underneath the foot plate.


Step 3 -
Set up the snare drum tripod to height preference and place the snare drum onto the stand ensuring that the cradle holds the drum loosely.


Step 4 -
Set up the hi hat stand to user preference. Ensure that all cymbal washers and felts stay in the correct order. Each cymbal washer should sit either side of the top hi hat cymbal.


Step 5 -
Attach the legs to the floor tom and set to preferred height. Hanging floor toms will require a cymbal stand and tom clamp to set into position.


Step 6 -
Set up cymbal stands and attach tom clamps in order to set up high and mid toms. Alternatively some bass drums have a tom mount already attached.


Step 7 -
Now the toms have been set up, adjust the cymbal stands and place the crash and ride cymbals onto the drum kit.


Step 8 -
Finally place a music stand into a preferred position for reading drum music. Now take the time to make sure everything is positioned to user preference.



The drum kit is now set up.