Bass Lesson Overview

The Tutor"who's teaching the course"

Chris Cropp

"Chris has a degree in music technology and grade 8 with distinction in guitar. He has a rare natural ability for playing musical instruments and has a special talent for composing music. He has a captivating passion for playing the piano and his impressive knowledge of music theory helps to develop lessons that are logical and progressive. Chris has been teaching Keyboard and Piano for a number of years. He has used his practical skills and theory knowledge to design a course to help you get started or improve your playing”

Synopsis"what it's all about"

This Core Skills course is designed to help beginners play Bass guitar and offer techniques that will help any Bassist improve their core technique.

The course starts with the basics like how to hold the bass, posture and plucking technique. It progresses on to techniques like finger positioning and string muting, it finishes off with string crossing and rhythmic accuracy.

At every stage of the course you are given exercises to play and practice. Each practice piece is tabbed out and there is an audio file so you can hear what the exercise sounds like.

Structure"what you will learn"

Lesson 1 - Understanding Tab
Lesson 2 - Holding the Bass, Posture and Guitar Position
Lesson 3 - Plucking Hand Position and Plucking the Strings
Lesson 4 - String Tones and Getting a Balanced Tone
Lesson 5 - Fretting and Fretting Hand Position
Lesson 6 - Fretting and Fretting Hand Finger Placement
Lesson 7 - Finger Positioning and Fretting Hand Finger Positioning
Lesson 8 - String Muting, Overall String Muting Technique, Fretting Hand Muting and Plucking Hand Muting Technique
Lesson 9 - String Crossing, Rhythmic Accuracy, Tonal Consistency and Dynamics