Beginner to Winner Keys 1

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Familiarise yourself with the piano

Before even playing a note on the piano, you need to ensure that both your posture and positioning are correct. To do this, you should sit in front of the piano with your right hand placed over middle C and your left hand an octave below. Make sure your hands are curved over the piano as it will allow you to move about the keys more effectively.



To make things easier when reading music, it is good practice to number your fingers from 1 to 5 as shown in the diagram. This will help you with positioning and moving your fingers across the keys; which we will cover in some later exercises. Look out for numbers above each note in the music score, these tell you which finger to use to play the note.


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Play this simple scale in C. First try with your right hand then swap to your left hand. When you feel confident try playing it with both hands at the same time. Practice this as often as you can, it’s a great way to get your fingers moving ..........

help reading music score


Easy Notes

These are the notes used in the music score above. This diagram is here to make things easier for you but it is best to get used to reading music score. Music score tells you what order to play notes in and the length each note is played for.