Lesson Seven



In this week’s lesson we will be working towards playing ‘Bah Bah Black Sheep’ and as always we have another great Ziggys Top Tip!


Ziggy's Top Tip...

String Tone

The sound that you get from the string will change when you pluck it in different places. Plucking closer to the bridge at the bottom of the guitar will give a brighter more crisp tone. Plucking closer to the neck will give a warmer deeper tone.

You should try plucking along different points of the string until you get a sound or tone that you like best, this is a well-balanced tone!


Things to think about:

• How the tone alters when the string is plucked at different points
• Where you get a well-balanced tone from your guitar

So go ahead and try this week’s exercise and tune, always remembering Ziggys top tips!

So go for it, Let’s Play Guitar!




Easy Tab



Standard Tab



Bah Bah Black Sheep


Easy Tab



Standard Tab




What Next?


Keep on practicing this weeks exercise and tune. If you try them each day your hands will grow stronger and it gets easier and easier! You'll then be ready for your next lesson.