Lesson Ten



In this week’s lesson we will be playing ‘Rock a Bye Baby’, not an easy melody!

We are also going to have a little look at Ziggys Top Tips so far!


Ziggys Top Tips!
Have you remembered them?


• Are you sat up straight?
• Is the guitar body angle straight upright?

Fretting Hand Finger Placement

• Is your finger is placed close to but not on the fret?
• Are there any unwanted buzzing noises?
• Does the pitch of notes stay the same when a fret is pressed?

Plucking the String

• Is your finger lightly rolling over the top of the strings towards the palm?
• Are you making sure your finger nails are not catching the strings?

Plucking Hand Position

• Is the position of your wrist and hand relaxed?

Fretting Hand Position

• Is your wrist fairly straight relaxed?
• Is there a gap between the palm of your hand and the bottom edge of the neck?
• Is your thumb placed in the middle of the back of the neck?

String Tone

• Are you getting a well-balanced tone?
• Are you playing too close to the neck or the bridge?

Fretting Hand Finger Positioning

• Are you using more than one finger to fret the strings?
• Are your fingers not lifting too far from the strings when they are not being used?

Timing / Rhythm

• Are you trying to keep your counting/ rhythm constant?



This week’s tune ‘Rock a Bye Baby’ is also in ¾ time. So when you are thinking about the timing remember that you are counting to 3 each time.

So let's give this week’s exercise and tune a go, and try to remember all of the top tips from Ziggy!

Let’s go for it, let’s Play Guitar!


Easy Tab



Standard Tab




Rock a Bye Baby


Easy Tab



Standard Tab



What Next?

This is the end of the Let's Play Guitar Course. Keep practicing all the things you have learned in this course and remember to check Ziggys top tips.